Thursday, 23 February 2012

Ales Hemsky Signing?

Oh the Madness!

According to the chatter on the internet, it appears a Hemsky signing is imminent. It appears against better judgement that Tambellini is going to keep the enigma known as Ales. The talented yet fragile player has decided to consider a short term deal. Word has it that Ales may sign for a $10 Million deal over a short 2 years. It appears that Hemsky wants to remain an Oiler.

A soon to be free agent that wants to play in Edmonton! How could this be possible? Why wouldn't Ales simply wait a few months and get a better deal? Wait until July and he could play for the leafs. The centre of the Universe.

As mentioned in my previous article, The Hemsky Dilemma, I wasn't keen on signing Ales. I would be hesitant on spending a lot of money on a player with injury issues. In the salary cap error, there is little room for bad contracts. Oilers already have one, can they afford two? Hemsky agreeing to a two year deal could be exactly want the Oilers need.

If the rumours are true, and Hemsky does sign. The oilers will find themselves with five bona fide top six forwards. Not many NHL teams have that luxury. The tern of the deal also coincides with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins who will be looking for a raise. Most importantly of all is the message.

The deal will send a message to the fans and the NHL that the Oilers are truly committed to building a winner. Who knows, maybe this Summer free agents won't be turning their noses up at Edmonton. A city, who's civic pride is as fragile as the player we have all grown to love.

Regardless of where Hemsky ends up, I wish him the best. I will never question his talent and his love for the game. I only hope that a healthier Ales will also mean a stronger Ales. A stronger commitment to being a leader. A commitment to honing his skills, perhaps even spending a few more minutes longer at practice.

First one on and last one off. Now that would be a message to all!


  1. I would love to see a stronger Ales because he does have great skill. However if the past dictates anything, the injuries are his plague.

  2. Ales has suffered some major injuries but has quoted that his injury woes are done. he's taken some big hits over the last few weeks. Safe to say his shoulder is OK.