Saturday, 25 February 2012

Anton Lander Moved!

No Anton Lander hasn't been traded, just moved to the minors.

It was a numbers game and Anton drew the short straw. I'm a little surprised by the decision. But as mentioned in today's earlier blog, it's a short term move. I'll put my reputation on the line that an Oiler forward will be moved before deadline. Cough "Jones" Cough.

Lander has impressed Oiler management with his attitude and work ethic. Even though he is a rookie he has shown some leadership on and off the ice. Not really a surprise considering his past record with Timra and Sweden Jrs.

I had the opportunity to spend some time with Anton during my travels last Summer in Sweden and Finland. His attitude is second to none. Training hard on the ice even though he was skating with juniors three years younger. You could see that he was a born leader.

The highlight of the trip was when a group of us went out to dinner. I spent most of the night getting to know him, firing questions back and forth. He wanted to know everything about good ol' Edmonton and the Oilers. It's not often that I'm impressed by young hockey stars. I guarantee you won't be hearing any bad boy news about Anton.

Being sent down will be good for Anton. He'll get top line minutes and will see some time on the powerplay. He will dominate games down there, count on it! If Steve Tambellini doesn't move a forward,  Anton will work his way back into the NHL. Are my expectations high, you bet they are.

Oh! By the way, I have no reputation!

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