Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Oilers vs Habs: The Battle Of The Lottery

Get thee to a lottery.

With only two points separating second and third last, the Oilers and Habs meet for the second and last time this season. This is a pivotal match where the outcome could very will dictate who will be picking first overall. Normally at this time of year the games of interest involve teams vying for the playoffs. Well not tonight, the feature game on Thursday night will be the Canadian match-up of Montreal and Edmonton.

These kind of match-ups is nothing new to the Edmonton Oilers. There's a lot of pressure in games like these but the Oilers can draw on the experience of the last two years and they should be considered the favourite. Unfortunately for the Montreal Canadians this is uncharted territory for them. They can't be comfortable going into this game, in fact the last time the Habs played in a game of this significance was way back during Confederacy.

The difference between second and third last is 4.6%, that's right a meager 4.6%. But you have to take into account that Scott Howson is the most cursed man in the NHL. Even though the Columbus BlueJackets have a near fifty percent chance of winning the lottery, they won't. Teams finishing second to sixth last will win the lottery and pick first overall. That is why this game is so important; that 4.6% could very well be the difference between selecting Nial Yakupov or not.

So Oilers and Habs fans cheer on your team, and may the best team lose... I mean win!

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