Thursday, 1 March 2012

Yann Danis: Life As A Hockey Professional

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Well the Edmonton Oilers lose to the St. Louis Blues by the score of 5 - 2 Wednesday night. The Blues got of to a great start scoring the first goal before the first minute. Exactly what you do not want to happen against the leagues stingiest team. The Oilers failed to show up until halfway through the second period. Unfortunately the game was already over with St. Louis and their three goal lead.

On the brighter side, Yann Dennis played his first game as an Oiler. Ryan Nugent Hopkins also scored his second goal in three games since coming back from injury. The Nuge is now only three points back of the rookie leader. Kids, can you say Calder.

On a sad note, besides losing the game: Yann Danis has been shipped back to Oklahoma. After Dubnyk was pulled, Danis played thirty-two minutes as an Oiler. By any means, it wasn't a memorable performance, Yann only faced twelve shots. He let in two goals, one being a penalty shot which he didn't look to comfortable. I have a feeling that Danis first game will also be his last game as an Oiler.

With almost fifty NHL games under his belt, Danis is primarily a minor league goalie. The Oilers signed him this year to be a starting goalie for the Oklahoma Barons. With Khabibulin's injury history they wanted a goalie with some NHL experience. I'm sure in the back of Yann's mind, he thought there would be an opportunity. Unfortunately it was something that never transpired. Despite his stellar play for the AHL leading Barons, Danis will most likely not get another call.

Now it's hard to feel sorry for any individual who makes a good living playing top-level professional sports. What I wouldn't give to play professional hockey or teeing it up in the PGA. My dreams never came to pass but Danis has. For three days he had the best seat in the house watching NHL hockey and getting paid to do it. Finally the Oilers gave him an opportunity to play, and play he did. While Hall, Eberle and the rest of the Oilers are disheartened from the loss. Yann Danis probably had a sweeter experience, well perhaps bitter-sweet. I wonder how long Tom Renney waited to tell our dreamer that tonight's dream was over.

Everyone knew that Khaby was ready to return, so the demotion would come as no surprise. Perhaps Renney told Danis before the game and by chance he ended up playing, a bonus.

A professional athlete has to deal with the ups and downs, wins and losses. Yann Danis took more than one to the stomach.

Sometimes it just...

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