Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Oilsoup: NHL Playoffs 2012 First Round Predictions

Well TSN has Maggie the monkey, well I've decided to use Wilson the ball; and no he's not related to Wilson from Cast Away. Here are Wilson's prediction for the 2012 NHL playoffs starting with the first round.

Vancouver in 5 games over Los Angeles
-It pains me to say this but Vancouver is a far better team and the Kings simply don't have the depth to compete against the Canucks.

St. Louis in 7 games over San Jose
- This will be a close series but I do believe Halak will be the difference.

Pheonix in 6 games over Chicago
- I've been extremely impressed with Yotes this year and although Toews is a game time decision I just can't see him dominating in the first few games. With home ice advantage the Yotes will win their first ever series.

Detroit in 4 games over Nashville
- Yes Wilson has lost his mind but he's a huge Wings fan. Wings have played well all year with Howard in net and shouldn't have any problems keeping the Preds of the scoreboard. Games will be close but I believe Zetterberg wants to send a message and he will be the difference.

New York in 4 games over Ottawa
- the Sens Cinderella season will come to an end in the first round. Rangers are a better team in all positions and shouldn't have any problems dispensing the Sens.

Washington in 6 games over Boston
-This is the big upset. The Caps are a better team than what they've shown this year and have all the fire power to counter the Bruins. Tim Thomas has been inconsistent and I don't see that changing in the playoffs. Bruins had a short Summer last year and the grind will take it's toll.

New Jersey in 6 games over Florida
- It will come down to goaltending and Brodeur has a couple of levels on Theodore.

Pittsburgh in 5 games over Philadelphia
- The Penguins have too many offensive threats for Flyers D to handle. Unless Pronger comes back from the dead, Bryzgalov is going to get peppered or will it be Bobrovsky?

There you have it Oiler and hockey fans; Wilson seems to be on the ball and I'm looking forward to see how the first round pans out.

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  1. Love this time of year. I had some of the teams you did and some different. I can't wait for this thing to get going so I can see how much of an idiot I am!

  2. Wilson? Did he call Oilers getting top draft pick today? Maybe he rigged the whole thing? NG

  3. It takes a true hockey artist to pick teams in the playoffs; also a little luck helps as well. Wilson wasn't willing to pick the Oilers winning the lottery but he did predict the BlueJackets not getting the first overall pick.