Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Jay Feaster Ignites Another!

There are NHL general managers and than there's Jay Feaster. The Flames GM has manoeuvred the team one step closer to becoming a Cup contender for next year. The Flames have gone ahead and signed Czech UFA Roman Cervenka to a one year deal. The 27 year old has never played an NHL game but obviously Feaster felt that he was an essential singing for the team. At a mere $3.75M, Czervenka will be the Flames sixth highest paid player making more money than Alex Tanguay.

With 16 players signed at a total of $50 Million dollars; that leaves the Flames with roughly $14 Million dollars of cap space. Feaster will probably need to sign eight or nine more players to fill out the roster.

Now in all serious I don't know much about Czervenka, but has Jay "Gongshow" Feaster lost his marbles. What on earth is bouncing around inside his head. $4M for a player who has never played an NHL game; sure he's a point per game player in the KHL but Jaromir Jagr put up more points and signed for less with the Philadelphia Flyers. Yes Roman is a younger player but with Jagr you know what you're getting.

Is this summer's UFA crop that poor that Feaster can justify signing players from the KHL? At $4M dollars, UFA's Jason Arnott, Ray Whitney, Brad Boyes and Milan Hejduk could easily be had at that price.

Say what you want about Kevin Lowe and Steve Tambellini, Oiler fans should be thanking their lucky stars that we don't have Jay Feaster as GM.

Jay Feaster ignites another flame fart!

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